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  • Sway bars
  • Hook Clamps
  • Cropping, punching and folding services
  • Crowbars (and repointing)
  • Custom Engineering
  • ​General engineering
  • Pipe Saddles
  • U-bolts
  • Eyebolts
  • Brackets
  • Agricultural u-bolts

Spring Making

  • Manufacture, repair and reset leaf and coil springs
  • Sell a multitude of car, truck and trailer springs including parabolic springs
  • Manufacture custom spring steel 'widgets' to order

Bellamy & East History


Since before WWII, Bellamy and East have been servicing the suspension needs of Christchurch.  They understand the importance of moving with the times and they are a company who are fully committed to keeping up with industry technology and demands. 


These days, the joint input of owners Anton and Mary Van Tongeren has seen Bellamy and East change to a fully-computerised system within their workshop.  They took over the business in 1999 and employ seven full-time staff, who between them have over 65 years of experience in the industry.

The introduction of the 30 tonne coining press in the early seventies enabled the manufacturing of engineering short-run bracketing, threading and welding.  1978 saw the sale of Bellamy and East to Tracy Jordan. Four years later, Tracy relocated the company to larger premises in its current location at 58 Falsgrave Street, Phillipstown.

Bellamy and East soon began manufacturing short runs of coil springs and can produce coils with wire diameters from 12 to 26mm, allowing them to create a range of spring steel rounds which can be used to form sway bars for any application.


The engineering capabilities of the company have increased from cold pressing to flat sections 100 x 16. The introduction of two thread rolling machines in the late 80s gave the company the opportunity to supply a wide range of thread-rolled products.


They offer an extensive range of parts at their Christchurch premises as well as service and repairs for car and truck suspension, trailer suspension, 4WD suspension and sway bars.

The offices onsite at their Falsgrave Street premises have been refurbished, company catalogues have been introduced and the premises have been expanded to include a mechanical operation which allows for convenient drive-in, drive-out service.  The company has recently increased their range of truck and high-lift parabolic suspension springs as well as high-lift parabolic 4x4 suspension kits.


When the company became Bellamy and East in 1948, business concentrated mainly on the repair of car and truck leaf springs. However, over the decades, changes in technology have been embraced to allow the company to diversify.

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Bellamy and East are a long-established company based in Christchurch, specialising in leaf and coil spring manufacture and repair.